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Fix My Internet service, Vodafone

​So for three weeks now my fixed broadband has not been working, I have called Vodafone helpline well over 6 times to complain about this one problem, apparently my problem is very insignificant to them. To add more salt to my wound, Vodafone helpline and one technician told me a malicious lie they were doing a service upgrade in my area and that was the reason for the problem. I found today all the internet café’s in my area have not had any such problem. So tell me, Vodafone, is the service upgrade only being done on my broadband?????

All of this comes after Vodafone VBS blocked my line for 2 full weeks because I paid my bill into an account stated on their bill instead of paying at their office. For Heaven’s sake, if you are no longer using the acc, why put it on the bill?????????

You’d think, Vodafone would get awakened by my first message, apparently their customer service is a sleeping giant. Well whatever the case, you guys got to wake up now, I need my Internet working Pronto!!!
The Manager