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Hello there, this is our second edition on computer viruses and thanks for staying with us as we guide you through taking control of your computer from the backdrop of a viral invasion.

So you plugged in your USB drive only to find that all the files and folders are missing or there is only the shortcut to the same drive inside, what do you do…

First and foremost, do not panic because in almost all cases you will notice that your drive is still halfway full and that means all the items on the drive are intact just waiting for you to access them. Then follow these steps;

  • Open the USB drive in question, click on the “View” tab on the menu bar and click on “Options” (for windows 8 and above). For windows 7, click on “Organize”, then click on “Folder and Search Options”. These will lead you to the folder options dialog box.
  • Click on the “View” tab in the dialog box. In the options below choose to “show hidden files”. Next untick the “Hide protected operating system files”. Click “Yes” on the pop-up.


  • You can now click on “Apply” and “OK” to close our dialog box.
  • Back in our USB drive’s window, we will see a light-coloured folder/drive icon mostly without a label. System Volume Information and Recycler folders if they are present are normal hidden folders on any drive and no cause for concern.
  • Now open our light-coloured folder/drive aaaand… voila, all your files and folders intact. I recommend cutting them and pasting them back in the root drive folder so they can be accessed without going through these steps on another computer.


In our next issue we will discuss how to actually get rid of the shortcut virus WITHOUT the help of an antivirus. For all your PC and smartphone issues, leave a comment or contact us on 0501384495




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Apple’s MacBook Vrs Windows PC; The clash of the Titans


If you’re wondering whether you need a Mac or whether you should buy or maintain your windows PC here’s some help so you can make a decision. For the sake of this post I will refer to apple laptops and other forms of apple computers as Mac and refer to the windows based laptops (dell, hp, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, Gateway etc.) as PC

Mac Pros (why you should buy a Mac)

  • Apple computers have one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry. When you buy a Mac, you know you are getting a quality computer, vs. PC where there are so many different manufacturers and configurations, that choosing a quality PC is a bit more difficult.
  • Macs are more efficient for running multiple operating systems. With a Mac, you can run OS X (obviously), but Windows, Linux, and other operating systems can also be installed.
  • Macs work great with other Apple products like iPhones, iPods and  iPads
  • Macs are simple. OS X is a very straightforward operating system with little maintenance required.
  • Many people think Mac can’t get viruses but in actual fact, Macs can get viruses, but there are not as many Mac viruses circulating, compared to PC.
  • Apple has excellent customer support, AppleCare warranty programs, and exclusive “Apple Stores” where you can take your Mac or other Apple product for repairs or other problems.
  • Macs are visually appealing and excellently designed. No product is perfect, but many consider Macs to be the best looking computers on the market.
  • Macs are more expensive than PCs, but they also hold their resale value much better than PCs.
  • Macs tend to be a bit more innovative in design and features. Things like the multi touch trackpad on Mac laptops is something that few PC manufacturers have an answer for.

PC Pros (why you should buy a PC)

  • PCs are generally cheaper to buy, and you have a much wider selection to choose from when purchasing a PC. You can choose a manufacturer (Dell, Lenovo, HP, etc…), vs. Apple, where you’re getting, Apple.


  • PCs are more upgradable. This mostly deals with Desktop computers, but many PCs are simply easier to upgrade because they use more “standard” components. With Apple, there is usually not much you can upgrade, with the exception of RAM and hard drive.
  • You can custom build a PC to your exact liking, choosing the case, motherboard, etc… From there, you simply install Windows, vs. Apple computers where there is not much customization. You choose a computer from the Mac lineup, and those are the specs for your computer.
  • There is generally more software available for PCs, almost every software developer makes products that are Windows compatible, vs. Macs where software selection is a bit more limited. Although, Apple is gaining momentum with 3rd party developers and companies.
  • Windows based PCs may have greater backwards compatibility. That 5 year old PC that you have laying around your home is probably compatible with Windows 7. A 5 year old Mac is probably not compatible with OS X 10.7 Lion.
  • PCs are highly considered to be better for gaming, as you can build a truly custom gaming machine and install Windows.
  • The majority of actively used computers are PCs, and Windows is the most widely used operating system. Thus, PCs have a larger support community behind them with more supporters.
  • PCs have more compatible accessories, vs. Macs, which have fewer 3rd party accessories to choose from.
  • PCs are more powerful and Windows can be considered to be a more powerful OS than OS X. Where OS X is simple, Windows is powerful and more complex.
  • PCs work great with other Microsoft products, the Xbox for example.


These are some of the pros of both Macs and PCs I gathered. Overall, the best way to decide on which to buy is to simply try both operating systems and find your own preference. Many consider Macs to be overpriced, which I completely agree with. However, Apple products are just different, in a good way.

PCs are probably the better deal and the better choice, which is a very bold statement. The reason I conclude that is, there is not a lot that a Mac can do that a PC can’t, and PCs are significantly more affordable. But hey that’s my opinion, what is yours?  Are there any pros of PC or Mac that I missed?  Please leave a comment to help others with deciding on whether to purchase a Mac or PC.

Dodzi Jnr (contributor)