Whatsapp has finally added the feature we have all been waiting for, VIDEO CALLS.​The big update is available for Windows Phone users in the app store. However the feature is still in beta phase and yet to be officially released to other Operating Systems like Android and iOS.

So here we are providing you with an APK file for Android users which offers the video calling feature. The below are the details mentioned in the update;

Latest Version 2.16.318 Change Log:

Video calling feature now available with this new update. Users will be able to make and receive video calls just like you would do with voice call

Download the file from the link

Install the app as an update to your existing whatsapp app

When the installation is done, take note that going to the CALLS tab and trying to make a call will just do voice call

In order to make a call, one way is to enter the individual’s chatroom and press the call icon. The voice and video call options will pop up and you can make your choice

One last thing it, only works if the other person you are trying to call is also using the updated app provided in the link, so go ahead, alert friends and enjoy



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