Computer viruses are a terrible nuisance. Imagine,…just when you have to print out a document and submit to meet a deadline, you open your usb drive on the PC at the print shop and all the files and folders are missing…And that moment when you manage to get 5 minutes of your Boss’ time to look at something, and your PC is taking all the 5 minutes just to boot up!! Ow no! not now!?

In this edition, ASCORP presents how to identify a virus infection as early as possible to avoid getting into such situations. We have arranged these signs in order of the commonest and most definite;

  1. All folders, turned into shortcuts/Usb drive inserted into the PC shows a shortcut to the same drive when opened


In such a case the virus hides the original folders and the shortcut there serves to activate the virus whenever it is opened as well as lead you into the original folder. Smart virus that.

  1. Uncalled for Startup Messages/Applications running on their own


A popular example is wscript virus named “whatdafuck”. If your computer starts displaying a lot of non-sensical text in Notepad or Command prompt launches by itself right after boot-up, dear brethren, look no further…you have been invaded by a virus.


  1. PC runs slower than usual/ Freezing

If you are wondering why this wasn’t first on the list, well that is because these problems have other causes other than viruses. Some of them are excessive number of startup programs, normal applications which consume too much RAM (Opening lots of tabs in a web browser esp. Chrome), installing multiple antiviruses, Local drive containing windows files with very little space etc.

That being said viruses do slow computers down in most cases. In order to narrow down the cause of your slow PC;

  • Launch task manager by Right-Clicking anywhere on your task bar
  • click on the Task Manager ( if your task manager has greyed out and hence cannot be launched, then Congrats, you have succeeded in identifying a virus infection on your PC)
  • If the task Manager does launch, then proceed to monitoring the process running on your PC (On Windows 8 and above go to the “Details” tab)
  • Your PC is infected if you see any of the following
    • “msiexec.exe” running when no application is being installed by user
    • “wscript.exe” running
    • “svchost” running with User’s account name under “User name”
  • wsscript

Thanks for staying with us. In our next issue we will discuss how overcome such virus problems WITHOUT the help of an antivirus before we talk more about signs virus infections. For all your PC and smartphone issues, leave a comment or contact us on 0501384495



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