Join us this week as we take a delving journey into the caring community, what it has to offer and what that means for everyone.

Commencing with students from diverse backgrounds ASCORP has a few departments to effectively carry out operations.

  • PC Hardware and Software
  • Smart Tech
  • Marketing

We want to let you guys know what exactly we seek to help the general public with and our focus is on SMART TECH for today.


This department is on the constant lookout for emerging technologies, applications and softwares for devices to give you the best from your gadget.

The beauty of our modus operandi is that once a challenge is presented to the group, we come up with the best conventional method of overcoming it. When that is established, our primary question is; “can the solution be made simpler?” then we work towards SIMPLE GUIDES to solving common challenges. If an alternative solution can be explored, we don’t fail to look into it

We work on both android and iOS platforms, and devices ranging from Samsung , Nokia series, Blackberry, Motorola, Huawei, LG, Sony phones to their tablets as well as iPhones and iPads. What is it you want to do?

~Flash your android phone or tablet, restore an iPad or iPhone

~Update your android OS or iOS

~Unlock an imported phone [android]

~Unlock a disabled phone or tablet [passcode lock]

~Apps to make your phone or tablet as productive as a computer

~Or answers to why your phone is freezing

~Or you just want to know what your phone can do or cannot do.

ASCORP SMART TECH is able and willing to help you out. We will present easy-to-follow step by step instructions to help do all this on your own. Just visit our website ascorpitech.wordpress.com and post your problem as a COMMENT and we’ll get the easiest solution to you ASAP

ASCORP… Bringing IT solutions to your doorstep… literally


About AscorpiTech

Is your laptop, desktop, android or iphone giving you problems, post your problem and let us walk you through the solution

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