What are some of the apps you consider installing immediately you get your new smart phone??? There are very useful apps out there that, though not popular, can virtually make your life better. Let us tell you about one of them…

Next time you want to install an app for your smart device, you might want to consider healthy living and fitness apps. Let’s zoom in on this class of apps and consider an especially useful app which turns your smartphone into your personal Heart Rate (HR) Monitor.


The heart rate monitor apps such as Cardiio, Runtastic heart rate, Instant Heart rate have been tested and proven to be highly accurate in their measurements and they operate simply by placing your index finger lightly over the flash of the camera (works on phones without flash too).


If you are wondering why you should be monitoring your heart rate, then here comes your answer;

  • You can to determine your physical or mental condition based on your pulse (anxiety, nervous calmness).
  • For those who like exercising, measure your heart rate after a training session to find out how your cardiovascular system is doing under stress. And what’s more, it stores all your measurements and can as well analyze your results over a period of time to tell you how fit you are.
  • Lastly and my personal favorite, take your HR and show your friends how cool & calm you remain even when in a seemingly stressful situation-like moments before you walk into the exam room.

Now for something even “cuuler”, Cardiio has launched its first touch free-HR monitoring app (iOS only).It operates on the principle that with every heartbeat, blood rushes to the vessels of the face and this increase in blood volume is used to calculate the heart rate. You literally place your face within a red circle on a stethoscope image for a few seconds and then receive your heart rate reading. Cool right??


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