MARKET WATCH: What to look out for when you are buying a mobile device.

A section of our network already dealt with the various components a modern device should offer you. In this post, we will be dealing with how to get the best value for your money from the market.

Most of us, if not all of us, will want the latest Samsung (Galaxy s5), Apple (iPhone 6) and the flagship devices from HTC or Sony. This is very understandable because the latest usually gives you the best, though not always.

But how many of us can afford devices in this very high price bracket. A modest young man or woman should be able to purchase a quality device which won’t leave him or her bankrupt or indebted.

So let me lay down a few rules;

  1. Cut your coat according to your Cloth

Before you buy a device list what you want out of that device against how much you are willing to spend on it. For instance a lady who is crazy about selfies will be a bit disappointed to buy an expensive device which has a crappy front camera. Also, wouldn’t it be an absolute waste of resources for someone who reads powerpoint slides and listens to ‘cools’ to buy a gaming laptop? Why not consider a tablet?


  1. Be Patient

Buying a device is a painstaking process, those that usually rush crash. Let me let you in on a little secret: Don’t mind the body, mind the engine. Basically regardless of how flashy a device looks, it’s the internal components that will define how smoothly it will run, so please don’t buy a device just because it’s red in colour…. Lol. Try to read on what the lastest devices contain, you will be surprised that a mid-range device from another manufacturer will contain similar specs at half the price. For instance HTC have been putting 1GB RAM processors in theirs phones which sell for the same price as Samsung’s 512MB RAM phones.

  1. Don’t be stereotyped

We all have favorites and most of our thoughts about mobile devices have been crafted around advertisements, do you notice that advertisements tell you nothing about the specs of the machine? So please don’t buy an advert.

Check out other brands, I promise you, you will amazed about what manufactures like Huawei, Itel, Alcatel and Infinix have to offer.

Again I will emphasize that we should read thoroughly about the devices we want to buy and also make comparisons to similar devices on the market and you will be able to make an inform economical choice.

  1. Don’t be chisel.

In an attempt to get an overly underpriced device some people buy trash (excuse me to say). For instance if you see a Samsung Galaxy S4 selling at GHC 400, please don’t buy it, it’s either a fake or a stolen item. The original shouldn’t go for less than GHC 700. Also please look for a good store or reliable dealer to buy your device from. You can go back to where you met the vendor and launch your complaints in the event of any mishaps. Don’t see someone selling a smartphone on the roadside and buy it, you might have actually bought yourself a cake of soap.


These are few rules we should bear in mind on the market, next we are going to share with you a very cool device you will love to grab. Catch you all soon!


Elikem Kumahor

Senior Contributor



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  1. the info is good source of education for phone buyers but I thing there are more point consider such as
    * the ability to resell the phone
    when needed

    and more……….

    nice job done keep it up


  2. This is a nice one Elikem. Very educative.


  3. Thanks a lot….. We are hear to serve your interest feel free to share with us your suggestions


  4. Great information. …..


  5. All the points are good but I think at your next post pls compare some Phones with their cost for us do as to help us buy proper phones.


  6. If possible add laptops to it.


  7. Good marketing tip. Thanks to the group behind it. I will be glad if it came be extended to cover other aspect of the IT field


  8. That’s a good one there Kemmy…Keep it up….thumbs up


  9. I think this is his advice to everyone especially the youth. Don’t just buy a device. consider these important points before purchasing a phone or any gadget. Thanks Elikem


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