Dart is the world smallest laptop charger

LAS VEGAS — Finsix claims that the Dart is the world smallest laptop charger. And weighing in a just 60 grams, it’s hard to argue. It’s currently available for pre-order, and while $89 seems a bit steep for a replacement power cord, it just might be convenient enough to be worth it.

The Dart can serve up to 65W of power, and is compatible with laptops that have a voltage between 18 and 21V. It’ll also ship with 9 different DC connectors — Finsix calls them “tips” — so there’s a good chance your laptop will be ready to go. Apple’s MacBooks, and the Microsoft Surface aren’t supported, however. And if your laptop has a discrete graphics card you’ll also be out of luck, as those will require more power than the Dart has to offer.

read more from http://www.cnet.com/news/the-diminutive-finsix-dart-wants-to-replace-your-bulky-laptop-charger/



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